We create solutions, before change arrives.

Stone Next

What is
Stone Next?

Stone Next is a collaborative platform leaded by Stone Designs, who after 25 years of experience and in collaboration with the leading brands in the interior design sector has created an R&D Department in order to give useful and cutting-edge solutions ahead of the future and assuming the challenge of being ready for the changes to come.


What do we do
at Stone Next?

It is a space where innovation, health and sustainability are the core axis of a program of solutions giving answer to the current situation and allowing to have a future projection of the spaces, counting on specialists of all the different fields: interior designers, product designers, artists, architects, sociologists, mathematicians, engineers, psychologists, urban planners, etc.

Stone Next represents a plural space where, together with our wide collaborators team, we have the answers that you need for any kind of space.


Stone Next is born in direct partnership with the leading brands in the sector, feeding from its large experience and exchanging knowledge, concerns and the vocation of improving the spaces and preserving the environment. Brands looking in a tenacious way for people’s wellbeing from a strict engagement with the conservation of the environment.

Tell us...
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(Urb. Bonanza) 28669 Boadilla del Monte

Madrid (Spain)

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